What our clients say about us

We are always willing to improve and that can only be achieved if we get what you have to say about us. Below are some few reviews from Ammo Gun Buyers trusted customers.

Brittany S

Very satisfied. Came with an extra mag, it is ambidextrous which is why I bought it. Good quality and it’s small enough to not have to hassle with in case of an emergency.

Brittany SVerified Customer - Ammo Gun Buyers

James Stevens

Beautiful firearm and a reasonable price for the times we’re in right now. I’ve taken it out once so far and fired 60 rounds through it. Every round fired and cycled perfectly. It’s a little heavier than I thought it was going to be, but nothing unmanageable. I’ve always been partial to Smith & Wesson and was wanting the sport 2, but after my first experience with this one I’d definitely reccomend it to anyone looking for an AR

James StevensVerified Customer - Ammo Gun Buyers

Stewart E

I’m always happy with the service and products that go along with buying from Ammo Gun Buyers. Super fast shipping. I had my Ruger PC 9mm days after I purchased it. Exactly what I was looking for. A super reliable rifle at a great price.

Stewart EVerified Customer - Ammo Gun Buyers

Scott J.

Very happy with my SIG Sauer P210. I have put over 500 rounds through it and not one issue. I would highly recommend, great gun for the price.

Scott J.Verified Customer - Ammo Gun Buyers

Madison G

Fast shipping and exactly what I ordered, great site and will use again!

Madison GVerified Customer - Ammo Gun Buyers

Treaver W

Very pleased, work well in my HP .22 LR 36-Grain and 22 revolver. No issues. Will buy again!

Treaver WVerified Customer - Ammo Gun Buyers

Austin K

Very nice shotgun. Make sure you break it down and clean well when you receive it to remove the heavy oil and grease from the bolt. I did a quick clean initially when I received and firing pin would not engaging the primer. Did a complete breakdown and thorough clean and have put @ 30 rounds through it and no issues. Very pleased with this purchase.

Austin KVerified Customer - Ammo Gun Buyers

Robert N

I know it all comes down to personal choice, feel and comfort and this compact pistol performs and is a pleasure to shoot. The second strike function was a big seller, it may only be a one in a million chance to use it, but it’s something my other handguns don’t have. I’ve found that die cut JHP ammo won’t feed in the G3C but feed fine in the full size G3. The die cut ammo I had was from IMI and my Federal flat nosed HP ammo worked just fine. My wife liked the G3C so much she bought a G3 for herself. Yes, I would buy another and recommend to a friend.

Robert NVerified Customer - Ammo Gun Buyers

kenton r

This is exactly what I was looking for and has several cool features. The way the 3 round magazine is carried as part of the stock is very handy.

kenton rVerified Customer - Ammo Gun Buyers

Grayson H

works well in my ruger 10/22 & my ruger precision rimfire price was a little over the top but better than no ammo at all

Grayson HVerified Customer - Ammo Gun Buyers

Jayden J

This Henry is a true beauty! Bought this for my daughter’s birthday and could not be happier. Top quality as you would expect from Henry. The engraved components of this rifle to include the flower are absolutely beautiful. The Octagonal barrel really tops it off nicely. You wont regret it. I cant wait to see the smile on her face! Thank you Buds for having this available!

Jayden JVerified Customer - Ammo Gun Buyers